The Feng Shui Five Elements, The Power of Cycle

Energy exists all around us. It exists as thoughts and feelings.

It also comes from the environment including the natural earth elements. 

The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui aims to create a space that allows chi – the energy of the universe – to flow naturally. One way to achieve this is by filling your home with a healthy balance.

The basic principles of feng shui is the principle of five elements, which are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

EARTH:The earth element helps to ground and stabilize. Of all the feng shui elements, earth is the most peaceful, calming, and stable.

METAL:The metal element is related to mental power and sharpness. Metal influences intelligence.

FIRE:The fire element represents transformation and expansion. The fire element brings about high energy levels, fuels passion, and fosters the expression of creativity.Fire is the most volatile of all the five feng shui elements.

WATER:The water element is very useful for release and renewal. Use this element for clarity, inspiration, relaxation, and for letting things go.

WOOD:The wood element relates to natural growth and vibrant health and creativity. Wood fosters personal growth and increases intuition.

These feng shui elements interact between themselves in certain ways,  Productive and Destructive cycles.

Basic of Feng shui, Xuan Kong Feng Shui “Productive Cycle”

When one element strengthens or produces another element, we call this the PRODUCTIVE CYCLE. When one element destroy another element, call the DESTRUCTIVE CYCLE
For Feng Shui purposes, it is necessary to know that these Five Elements have a mutually productive cycle and a mutually destructive cycle.
Knowing the Productive Cycle can help you quickly identify any imbalances and remedy them. In Feng Shui we use the Productive Cycle to strengthened an elements qualities or increase its benefits.


Fire produces  Earth
Earth produces  Metal
Metal produces  Water
Water produces  Wood
Wood produces  Fire


Wood destroys Earth

Earth destroys Water

Water destroys Fire

Fire destroys Metal

Metal destroys Wood

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